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NameISHIBASHI, Hiroyuki
Arrival day2018-01-01
Leaving the office day 
Year of Birth1980




Ishibashi Hiroyuki 2014,10 Kingdom of Cambodia. GWEC Editorial Working Committee (ed.) A General World Environmental Chronology. Suirensha, Tokyo, pp.380-383.


【Original Articles】

Ishibashi H., Inoue M., Tanaka M. 2015,12 Historical change in the traditional use of forests and its association with belief in tiger spirits in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia: The impact of war and wildlife trade on the relationship between humans and tigers. TROPICS 24(3):119-138. DOI: (reviewed).

Ishibashi Hiroyuki 2010,09 Social Changes and Dynamics in Use of Cardamom in Cambodia: Environmental Local History on Harvest Leader, Marketing System and Conservation Activity in the Cardamom Mountains . Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 48(2):155-204. DOI: (reviewed).