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NameKOTERA, Akihiko
Arrival day2015-01-01
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Year of Birth1972



【Original Articles】

Kotera,A., Nagano,T.,Hanittinan,P., Koontanakulvong,S. 2015,04 Assessing the degree of flood damage to rice crops in the Chao Phraya delta, Thailand, using MODIS satellite imaging. Paddy and Water Environment (in printing). DOI:10.1007/s10333-015-0496-9 (reviewed).

Kotera, A., Khang, N. D., Sakamoto, T., Iizumi, T. and Yokozawa, M. 2014,07 A modeling approach for assessing rice cropping cycle affected by flooding, salinity intrusion and monsoon rains in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Paddy and Water Environment 12:343-354. DOI:10.1007/s10333-013-0386-y (reviewed).

Marui, A., Kotera, A., Furukawa, Z., Yasufuku, N., Omine, K., Nagano, T., Tuvshintogtokh, I., Mandakh, B. 2014,06 Monitoring the Growing Environment of Wild Licorice with Analysis of Satellite Data at a Semi-arid Area in Mongolia. Journal of Arid Land Studies 24(1):199-202. (reviewed).

Hoshikawa, K., Nagano, T., Kotera, A., Watanabe, K., Fujihara, Y., and Kozan, O. 2014,03 Classification of crop fields in northeast Thailand based on hydrological characteristics detected by L-band SAR backscatter data. Remote Sensing Letters 5:323-331. (reviewed).

藤田藍斗、小寺昭彦、Satir, O., Berberoglu, S., 長野宇規 2013 ミクセル分解法を用いたMODISデータセットからの作物別NDVI季節変化の推定. 農業農村工学会論文集 79(81):1-5. (in Japanese) (reviewed).

Iizumi, T., Nishimori, M., Yokozawa, M., Kotera, A. and Khang, N. D. 2012 Statistical downscaling with Bayesian inference: Estimating global solar radiation from reanalysis and limited observed data. International Journal of Climatology 32:464-480. (reviewed).

Tojo, B., Kotera, A., Nakai, K., Nagano, T., Kobayashi, S. and Moji, K 2012 Evaluation of recent forest cover change in Savannakhet province, Lao PDR, using satellite imageries and APHRODITE data. Global Environmental Research 15:119-129. (reviewed).

多田ひかり, 長野宇規, 小寺昭彦 2011 農業参入企業の持続的経営と地域貢献の関係. 農村計画学会誌 30:11-21. (in Japanese) (reviewed).

N.D. Khang, Kotera, A., Iizumi, T., Sakamoto, T. and Yokozawa, M. 2010 Variations in water resources in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta in response to climate change and their impacts on rice production. J.Agric.Meteorol 66:11-21. (reviewed).

Sakamoto, T., C.V. Phung, Kotera, A., N.D. Khang and Yokozawa, M. 2009 Analysis of rapid expansion of inland aquaculture and triple rice-cropping areas in a coastal area of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta using MODIS time-series imagery. Landscape and Urban Planning 92:34-46. (reviewed).

Sakamoto, T., C.V. Phung, Kotera, A., N.D. Khang and Yokozawa, M. 2009 Detection of Yearly Change in Farming Systems in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta from MODIS Time-Series Imagery. JARQ 43(3):173-185. (reviewed).

Kotera, A., Sakamoto, T., N.D. Khang and Yokozawa, M. 2008 Regional consequences of seawater intrusion on rice productivity and land use in coastal area of the Mekong River Delta. JARQ 42(4):267-274. (reviewed).

N.D. Khang, Kotera, A., Sakamoto, T. and Yokozawa M. 2008 Sensitivity of salinity intrusion to sea level rise and river flow change in Vietnamese Mekong Delta - Impacts on availability of irrigation water for rice cropping -. J.Agric.Meteorol 64(3):167-176. (reviewed).

Kotera, A., Sakamoto, T. and Yokozawa, M. 2007 Determing the spatial pattern of rice cropping schedules using time-series satellite imagery in the Red River Delta, Vietnam. J. Geoinformatics 3(4):1-8. (reviewed).

Kotera, A. and Nawata, E. 2007 Role of plant height in the submergence tolerance of rice: a simulation analysis using an empirical model. Agric. Water Manage. 89:48-58. (reviewed).

Sakamoto, T., N.V. Nhan, Kotera, A., Ohno, H., Ishitsuka, N. and Yokozawa, M. 2007 Detecting temporal changes in the extent of annual flooding within the Cambodia and the Vietnamese Mekong Delta from MODIS time-series imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 109(3):295-313. (reviewed).

Kotera, A., Nawata, E., L.V. Thao, N.V. Vuong and Sakuratani, T. 2005 Effect of Submergence on Rice Yield in the Red River Delta, Vietnam. Jpn. J. Trop. Agr. 49(3):197-206. (reviewed).

Kotera, A., Nawata, E., P.V. Chuong, N.N.Giao and Sakuratani, T. 2004 A Model for Phenological Development of Vietnamese Rice Influenced by Transplanting Shock. Plant Prod. Sci 7(1):62-69. (reviewed).

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

Kotera, A., Ueno, Y., Nagano, T. Quasi-real-time satellite monitoring for assessing agronomic flood damage. THA 2015 International Conference on “Climate Change and Water & Environment Management in Monsoon Asia”, 2015.01.28-2015.01.30, Bangkok, Thailand.

小寺昭彦、山村祐太、Onur Satir、Ali Volkan Bilgili、Mehmet、Ali Cullu、長野宇規 トルコ南東部の灌漑農地におけるタイムアライメント補正画像を用いた作目判別. 日本リモートセンシング学会第57回学術講演会, November 2014-November 2014, 京都大学宇治おうばくプラザ. (in Japanese)

Nagano, T. and Kotera, A. Recent trend of drought conciliation and agricultural water use in Japan. International Workshop on Developing Management Strategies for Coping with Drought and Water Scarcity, First World Irrigation Forum and 64th IEC Meeting of ICID, 2013.09.29-2013.10.05, Mardin, Turkey.

小寺昭彦、長野宇規 時系列衛星データによる水稲冠水被害の判別. 平成25年度農業農村工学会大会講演会, 2013.09.03-2013.09.05, 東京農業大学. (in Japanese)

Kotera, A., Hanittinan, P., Sucharit, K. and Nagano, T. Assessing flood damages of rice in the Chao Phraya Delta, using MODIS satellite imageries. PAWEES 2012. International conference on “Challenges of Water & Environmental Management in Monsoon Asia”, 2012.11.27-2012.11.29, Bangkok, Thailand.

小寺昭彦, 長野宇規 時系列衛星データから見た過去11年間における灌漑農地利用の変化. 平成24年度農業農村工学会大会講演会オーガナイズドセッション, September 2012-September 2012, 北海道大学. (in Japanese)

Kotera, A. and Nagano, T. Monitoring dynamics of irrigated agriculture using time-series satellite data as reflections of human activities against fluctuations in the regional water resource. AOGS-AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly, 2012.08.13-2012.08.17, Singapore.

Nagano, T., Kotera, A., Kanae, S. Development of World Atlas of Irrigated Agriculture for Sustainability Science. ICID (International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage) & IAL (Irrigation Australia) 2012 Conference, June 2012-June 2012, Adelaide, Australia.

Kotera, A., Fujita, A., Omori, S. and Nagano, T. Mapping and assessment of irrigation crop land using satellite imageries for the last decade in the GAP region, Turkey. International Symposium -Long term vision for the sustainable water & land use-, 2011.11.21-2011.11.23, Adiyaman, Turkey.

小寺昭彦, 大森, 藤田, 中嶋, 長野宇規 世界灌漑農業アトラスの作成と利用-Development and Application of World Irrigation Agticulture for Sustainability Sciences: WAIASS-. 環境科学会2011年会 シンポジウム9「世界で生じる水問題とその解決に向けた多様な研究アプローチ」, 2011.09.08-2011.09.09, 関西学院大学. (in Japanese)

Kotera, A. Studies on Climate Change Impacts on Rice Production in Japan and the Mekong Delta, VIETNAM. Research workshop on future directions in International Symposium “Level of Long‐Term Stabilization of Global Warming and Climate Change Risks”, 2009.11.16, The University of Tokyo.

小寺昭彦, N.D.Khang, 坂本利弘, 飯泉仁之直, 横沢正幸 ベトナム・メコンデルタの広域水環境と水稲生産の脆弱性. 農業環境工学関連学会2009年合同大会オーガナイズドセッション, 2009.09.15-2009.09.18, 東京大学. (in Japanese)

小寺昭彦, グエン・ズイ・カン, 坂本利弘, 飯泉仁之直, 横沢正幸 ベトナム・メコンデルタにおける水稲作付暦の広域推定と水資源環境の変動による影響. 日本熱帯農業学会第105回講演会, 2009.03.25-2009.03.26. (in Japanese)

小寺昭彦, グエン・ズイ・カン, 坂本利弘, 横沢正幸 ベトナム・メコンデルタの塩水遡上による水稲生産の脆弱性. 日本熱帯農業学会第103回講演会, 2008. (in Japanese)

Kotera, A., Sakamoto, T., Khang, N. D. and Yokozawa, M. Salinity intrusion affecting rice production in the coastal area of the Mekong Delta. CLRRI-IRRI International Conference "Better Rice, Better Environment and Better Life", 2007, Can Tho, Vietnam.

小寺昭彦、T.Q.Toan、N.D.Khang、坂本利弘、横沢正幸 ベトナム・メコンデルタにおける塩水遡上が水稲生産に及ぼしている影響. 日本熱帯農業学会第101回講演会, 2007. (in Japanese)

Kotera, A., Sakamoto, T. and Yokozawa, M. Detecting spatial pattern of rice cropping schedules using time-series satellite images in the Red River Delta, Vietnam. International Symposium on Geoinformatics for Spatial Infrastructure Development in Earth and Allied Sciences 2006, 2006, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

小寺昭彦、坂本利弘、横沢正幸 ベトナム紅河デルタにおける水稲栽培時期の空間的把握. 日本熱帯農業学会第99回講演会, 2006. (in Japanese)

小寺昭彦、縄田栄治、L. V. タオ、N. V. ブン、桜谷哲夫 ベトナム紅河デルタにおける高収量性水稲品種の導入と洪水被害. 日本農業気象学会近畿支部大会, 2004. (in Japanese)

小寺昭彦、P.V.チュオン、縄田栄治、桜谷哲夫 移植の影響を考慮した水稲生育過程のモデル化. 日本熱帯農業学会第91回講演会, 2001. (in Japanese)

小寺昭彦、T. M.チュオン、L. Q.ゾァイン 1999年ベトナム中部地方における水稲の洪水被害について. 日本熱帯農業学会第89回講演会, 2000. (in Japanese)

小寺昭彦、縄田栄治、L.V.タァオ、L.Q.ゾァイン、桜谷哲夫 ベトナム水稲の収量に冠水が及ぼす影響の品種間差異について. 日本熱帯農業学会第89回講演会, 2000. (in Japanese)

小寺昭彦、縄田栄治、L.V.タァオ、L.Q.ゾァイン、桜谷哲夫 ベトナム水稲の収量に冠水が及ぼす影響. 日本熱帯農業学会第87回講演会, 1999. (in Japanese)

小寺昭彦、柳沢雅之、縄田栄治、桜谷哲夫 収量推定モデルを用いたベトナム紅河デルタ地域の水稲生育環境の評価. 日本熱帯農業学会第84回講演会, 1997. (in Japanese)

【Poster Presentation】

小寺昭彦、長野宇規 世界灌漑農業アトラスWAIASSの開発. CREST水循環モデリング合同国際シンポジウム「持続可能な水利用の実現に資する水循環モデリング」, 2014.03.10-2014.03.11, 東京大学生産技術研究所. (in Japanese)

Kotera, A., Khang, N. D., Sakamoto, T., Iizumi, T. and Yokozawa, M. Modeling rice cropping schedules in the Vietnam Mekong Delta for adapting to changes in flooding, salinity intrusion and monsoon rains. 2010 International Climate Change Adaptation Conference. Climate Adaptation Futures. Preparing for the unavoidable impacts of climate change, 2010.06.29-2010.07.01, Queensland, Australia.

Kotera, A., Khang, N. D., Sakamoto, T., Iizumi, T. and Yokozawa, M. Modeling dynamic rice cropping calendar affected by flooding, salinity intrusion and monsoon rains in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam. MARCO SYMPOSIUM 2009 -Challenges for Agro-Environmental Research in Monsoon Asia-, 2009.10.05, Tsukuba, Japan.

【Invited Lecture / Honorary Lecture / Panelist】

Kotera, A. The changes of land use and flood situation in RIO3 region. The 5th TRF Water Policy Public Forum“Effective local water resource management for provincial level”, 2014.03.25, Bangkok, Thailand.