Staff Profile

NameRAMPISELA, Dorotea Agnes
AffiliationResearch Department
PositionAssociate Professor
Year of Birth1957
Academic CareerDepartment of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University, D. Course (1992)
Department of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University, M. Course (1989)
Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University Indonesia (1981)
Professional CareerVisiting Research Fellow Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (2013)
Visiting Research Fellow CSEAS Kyoto University (2007)
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Hasanuddin University (1993)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Hasanuddin University (1981)
Higher DegreesD. Agr. (Kyoto University, 1987)
M. Agr.(Kyoto University, 1983)
Fields of SpecializationSoil and Water Conservation
Action Research
Sustainable Development
Academic Society MembershipsThe Japanese Forestry Society
Himpunan Ilmu Tanah Indonesia (HITI), Indonesia Soil Science Society
AppealI have done series of scientific research on hydrology and soil conservation, teaching and supervising many undergraduates and post graduate students. Dealing with real world problem drag me to be involved in many rural development projects and empowerment program since 15 years ago which is encouraged me to implement participatory action research where I feel comfortable.




Rampisela, Dorotea Agnes and Takuo Utagawa 2012,02 Simple and Quick Indicator of Poverty: Proof of electricity payment in Identifying Eligibility of target Group of Poverty Alleviation Program. Takuo Utagawa (ed.) Social Research and Evaluation of Poverty Reduction Project. ハーベスト社.

Hidemi Yoshida, Rampisela Dorotea Agnes, Mochtar Solle and Muh. Jayadi 2013,11 A long-term evaluation of families affected by the Bili-Bili Dam development resettlement project in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.. Mikiyasu Nakayama , Ryo Fujikura (ed.) Restoring Communities Resettled After Dam Construction in Asia . Routledge.


【Original Articles】

Rampisela Dorotea Agnes, Mochtar S. Solle, Adri Said and Ryo Fujikura 2009,09 Effects of Construction of the Bili-Bili Dam (Indonesia) on Living Conditions of Former Residents and Their Patterns of Resettlement and Return. Intl. J. of Water Resources Development 25(03):467-477.

Yoshida,Hidemi; Rampisela, Dorotea Agnes; SolleMochtar; Jayadi, Muh. 2013,03 A long-term evaluation of families affected by the Bili-Bili Dam Development Resettlement project in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Intl. J. of Water Resources Development 29(01):50-58.