Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Staff Profile

NameMALLEE, Hein
AffiliationCenter for Research Development
Arrival day2013-03-01
Leaving the office day 
Year of Birth1963
Professional CareerInternational Development Research Centre, Singapore
Senior Program Officer
Rural Poverty & Environment Program
Ecosystems Approaches to Human Health Program
2004 – 2013
Ford Foundation, Beijing
Program Officer
Environment and Development Program
1999 – 2004
China-Netherlands Poverty Alleviation Project | Huoshan, Anhui Province, China
1997 – 1999
Higher DegreesPh.D. Leyden University 1997
Fields of SpecializationSocial science
China Studies
Natural Resources Management
Forest Governance




Hein Mallee 2014 Ecohealth, Transdisciplinarity and Participation. Managing Environmental Risks to Food and Health Security in Asian Watersheds Project Final Report. .


【Editing / Co-editing】

Michael Manton, Tetsuzo Yasunari, Ailikun, Hein Mallee, Rodel Lasco, Ramachandran Ramesh (ed.) 2015 Initial Strategic Research Plan for Future Earth in Asia. China Meteorological Press,


【Original Articles】

Hein Mallee 2017,06 The Evolution of Health as an Ecological Concept. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 25C:28-32. DOI: (reviewed).

Asakura, Takeshi, Hein Mallee, Sachi Tomokawa, Kazuhiko Moji and Jun Kobayashi 2015,02 The ecosystem approach to health is a promising strategy in international development: Lessons from Japan and Laos. Globalisation and Health 11(3). DOI:10.1186/s12992-015-0093-0 (reviewed).

Hung Nguyen, Siobhan Doria, Dinh Xuan Tung, Hein Mallee, Bruce A Wilcox and Delia Grace 2015,02 Ecohealth research in Southeast Asia: past, present and the way forward. Infectious Diseases of Poverty 4(5). DOI:10.1186/2049-9957-4-5 (reviewed).

Johanne Saint-Charles, Jena Webb, Hein Mallee, Nguyen Viet Hung, Andres Sanchez, Berna van Wendel 2014 Ecohealth as a Field: Looking Forward. EcoHealth. DOI:10.1007/s10393-014-0930-2 (reviewed).

Hein Mallee 2014 「エコヘルスをめぐる世界の動向」 (International Trends in Ecohealth). 医学の歩み 240.

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

Hein Mallee Introduction to Future Earth, Co-design and Co-production of Knowledge. Workshop on Further Development of a Future Earth Knowledge-Action Network on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production, 2017.05.03-2017.05.05, National Socio-environmental Synthesis Center, Annapolis, USA.

Hein Mallee "Transdisciplinary Research". East Asia Sustainability Project Meeting, 2017.04.21, Institute of Developing Economies, Chiba. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee "Ecohealth, One Health, Planetary Health and the Demographic Transition". Hainann Province Lecture, 2017.02.20, Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control, Hainan Province, China. (in Chinese)

Hein Mallee "Ecohealth, Transdisciplinarity and Participation". JSPS Japanese-Swiss Ecohealth Colloquium, 2017.01.11-2017.01.12, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.

Hein Mallee "RIHN and Future Earth" (Researcher Talk). Inter-University Research Institute Corporations Symposium 2016, 2016.11.27, Akiba Square, Tokyo. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee "Ecohealth or One Health?". Sanitation Value Chain Project Workshop, 2016.07.22, RIHN.

Hein Mallee "When Is A Co-Design Approach Needed?". 23rd Pacific Science Congress, 2016.06.13-2016.06.17, Academia Sinica, Taipei.

Hein Mallee "Regional Development of Future Earth in Asia". 16th Conference of the Science Council of Asia, 2016.05.30-2016.06.01, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Hein Mallee "The Regional Center for Future Earth in Asia". KAST International Symposium on Future Earth & Sustainable Development Goals in Asia, 2016.04.25, Seoul.

Hein Mallee New Directions in Ecohealth in Asia Project. National Institutes of the Humanities Project Kick-off Symposium, 2016.03.19, Tokyo Kokuyo Hall. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee "What is Ecohealth?". Peking University-RIHN Lectures, 2016.03.15, Peking University. (in Chinese)

Hein Mallee "Future Earth". Global Resource Management Program Joint Seminar, 2015.11.09, Doshisha University, Kyoto.

Hein Mallee "Future Earth and Health". The 74th Japan Public Health Conference, Symposium on Global Environment, Health Issues and Health Care and Public Health in Japan, 2015.11.06, Nagasaki Brick Hall. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee "RIHN, Future Earth and Research Collaboration in Asia". 2nd Taoyaka International Symposium, 2015.11.04, Hiroshima University.

Hein Malllee What is Ecohealth? (in Chinese). Beijing University-RIHN Seminar, 2015.03.17, Beijing University. (in Chinese)

Hein Mallee Thinking about Future Earth in Asia. RIHN Workshop on Transdisciplinary Research on Asia, 2014.10.24-2014.10.24, Iloilo City, The Philippines.

Hein Mallee Future Earth and Ecohealth. 5th Biennial Ecohealth Conference: Connections for Health, Ecosystems and Society, 2014.08.11-2014.08.15, Universite du Quebec a Montreal. (Invited Plenary Panel Presentation)

Hein Mallee Conceptualizing Global Environmental Change and Human Health at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature. 5th Biennial Ecohealth Conference: Connections for Health, Ecosystems and Society, 2014.08.11-2014.08.15, Universite du Quebec a Montreal. (Poster-driven session presentation)

Hein Mallee Ecohealth and Pandemic Threat: Coexisting with Avian Influenza Viruses. RIHN Lunch Seminar, 2014.01.21-2014.01.21, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.

Hein Mallee Ecohealth Research in Southeast and East Asia. JSPS-AASPP/GRENE Joint International Symposium on Water and Health in Urban Areas, 2013.12.16-2013.12.16, Hue, Vietnam.

Hein Mallee Ecohealth, Watersheds and Transdisciplinarity. LakeHEAD Community Forum, 2013.11.08-2013.11.08, Los Banos.

Hein Mallee Ecohealth Research. 5th RIHN-Sangyo University Study Meeting, 2013.10.30-2013.10.30, Sangyo University, Kyoto. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee Research Integration at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature. First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation, 2013.09.08-2013.09.11, ANU, Canberra. "Lightning Talk"

【Poster Presentation】

Hein Mallee, Moji Kazuhiko, Watanabe Chiho, Jiang Hongwei "Development of Ecohealth Thinking and Research in Japan". One Health-Ecohealth Conference, 2016.12.03-2016.12.06, Melbourne.

【Invited Lecture / Honorary Lecture / Panelist】

Hein Mallee Rivalry and Integration of Traditional and Modern Health Views, Satelite Session (Session organizer, chair, panelist). 82th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Health and Human Ecology, 2017.11.11, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee “Best practices, lessons learned, and challenges for conducting TD research in Asia-Pacific” (Panelist). Belmont Forum 2017 Asia-Pacific Information Day, 2017.10.27, Taipei.

Hein Mallee “The Role of the Future Earth Regional Centre for Asia” (Invited Keynote Presentation). World Data System Asia-Oceania Conference 2017, 2017.09.27, Kyoto University.

Hein Mallee “Future Earth in Asia: The Need for Regional Engagement”. South Asia Regional Workshop on "Future Earth", Divecha Centre for Climate Change, Indian Institute for Science, 2017.07.20-2017.07.21, Bangalore.

Hein Mallee “From Ecosystem Health to Planetary Health — The Development of “Health” as an Ecological Concept” . 3rd Faculty of Health Sciences International Conference, Hokkaido University, 2017.07.07, Sapporo.

Hein Mallee Problem-solving Research-- The Extended Family of Transdisciplinarity. JST, RISTEX Transdisciplinarity Seminar, 2017.05.22, Tokyo. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee "The Development of Health as an Ecological Concept". 2nd Multi-Cultural Medicine Research Association Meeting, 2017.04.22, RIHN. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee Panelist. The Circular Economy for Deep Sustainability, 2017.03.20, Politechnique Montréal, Canada.

Hein Mallee "Considering Health in the Context of Sustainability" (Invited Plenary Presentation). 10th National Health Research Forum, 2016.10.27-2016.10.28, Savannakhet, Lao PDR.

Hein Mallee Panelist. SDG Dialogue: Regional Institutions & the SDGs - Science, Policy & Capacity Building, 2016.10.13, United Nations University, Tokyo.