Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Staff Profile

NameMinlee YAP
AffiliationResearch Department
PositionProject Researcher
Arrival day 
Leaving the office day 
Year of Birth 
Academic CareerDepartment of Marine Biosciences,Tokyo University of Fisheries(2006)
Graduate school of Marine System Engineering,Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology(2008)
Graduate school of Applied Marine Environmental Studies,Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology(2012)
Professional CareerProject Researcher,Research Institute for Humanity and Nature(2012.04-)
Higher DegreesM.Sc(Tokyo Univeristy of Marine Science and Technology,2008)
PhD (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology,2012)
Fields of SpecializationCoral Reef Ecology
Academic Society MembershipsThe Japanese Society of Fisheries Science
The Japanese Coral reef Society



【Original Articles】

Kakaskasen Andreas Roeroe, Minlee Yap, Mineo Okamoto 2013,07 Development of new assessment methods for Acropora coral recruitment using coral settlement devices and holes of marine block. Fisheries Science Volume 79 (Issue 4):617-627. (reviewed).

Minlee Yap, Kakaskasen Andreas Roeroe, Laurentius Theodorus Xaverius Lalamentik, Mineo Okamoto 2013,05 Recruitment patterns and early growth of acroporid corals in Manado, Indonesia. Fisheries Science Volume 79(Issue 3):385-395. (reviewed).

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Mineo Okamoto, Kakaskasen A. Roeroe, Minlee Yap, Laurenthius Th.X. Lalamentic, Syuichi Fujiwara, Kumi Oyamada 2012,07 Experimental transplantation of corals using sexual reproduction in Manado, Indonesia. Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-13 July 2012:20A-5.

Minlee Yap, Mineo Okamoto, Kakaskasen A.Roeroe, Shuichi Fujiwara 2011,11 The reproduction potential of Acroporid corals in Sekisei Lagoon and Miyako Islands.. Proceedings of Japanese Society of Fisheries Engineering Meeting 2011:9-10. (in Japanese)

Mineo Okamoto, Minlee Yap, Andreus Kakaskasen Roeroe, Satoshi Nojima, Kumi Oyamada, Shuichi Fujiwara, Itaru Iwata 2010,03 In situ growth and mortality of juvenile Acropora over 2 years following mass spawning in Sekisei Lagoon, Okinawa (24°N). Fisheries Science Volume 76(Issue 2):343-353. (reviewed).

Midori Kawabe, Tan Chun Knee, Yap Minlee 2010,01 Empowerment of a Fishermen Community:An Alternative Roadmap. Proceedings of International Symposium on Integrated Coastal Management for Marine Biodiversity in Asia,January 14-15,2010,Kyoto, Japan:88-90. (reviewed).

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