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AffiliationResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
PositionProject Researcher
Arrival day20120401
Leaving the office day 
Year of Birth 
Higher DegreesD.Agr. (Kyoto University, 2012)
Fields of SpecializationWater Resources Management
Academic Society MembershipsThe Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering
International Society of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering
Japan Rainwater Catchment Systems Association



【Original Articles】

Imagawa, C., Takeuchi, J., Kawachi, T., Chono, S., Ishida, K. Statistical analyses and modeling approaches to hydrodynamic characteristics in alluvial aquifer. Hydrological Processes. DOI:10.1002/hyp.9538 (reviewed).

Chono, S., Maeda, S., Kawachi, T., Imagawa, C., Buma, N., Takeuchi, J. 2012,06 Optimization model for cropping-plan placement in paddy fields considering agricultural profit and nitrogen load management in Japan. Paddy and Water Environment 10(2):113-120. DOI:10.1007/s10333-011-0272-4 (reviewed).

Buma, N., Takeuchi, J., Kawachi, T., Chono S., Imagawa, C., Ishida, K. 2012,01 A 2-D and 3-D composite dimensional fully coupled surface and subsurface flow model. Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems 17(2):1-13. (reviewed).

Imagawa, C., Takeuchi, J., Kawachi, T., Ishida, K., Chono, S., Buma, N. 2011,12 A hydro-environmental watershed model improved in canal-aquifer water exchange process. Paddy and Water Environment 9(4):425-439. DOI:10.1007/s10333-011-0290-2 (reviewed).

Imagawa, C., Takeuchi, J., Kawachi, T., Chono, S., Buma, N., Maeda, S. 2011,01 A hydro-environmental model considering nitrogen dynamics in surface zone for analysis of groundwater nitrate-nitrogen contamination. Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems 16(2):13-24. (reviewed).

Takeuchi, J., Imagawa, C., Kawachi, T., Unami, K., Maeda, S., Izumi, T. 2010,06 A refined hydro-environmental watershed model with field-plot-scale resolution. Paddy and Water Environment 8(2):175-187. DOI:10.1007/s10333-010-0196-4 (reviewed).

Takeuchi, J., Kawachi, T., Imagawa, C., Buma, N., Unami, K., Maeda, S. 2010,06 A physically based FVM watershed model fully coupling surface and subsurface water flows. Paddy and Water Environment 8(2):145-156. DOI:10.1007/s10333-009-0193-7 (reviewed).

Unami, K., Izumi, T., Imagawa, C., Kawachi, T., Maeda, S., Takeuchi, J. 2010,01 Infiltration process in rainfed rice field soil of Ghanaian inland valley. Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems 15(2):17-20. (reviewed).

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

IMAGAWA Chie, HANDOH Itsuki C., TAKEUCHI Junichiro A Bayesian Uncertainty Analysis of the Modelled Surface- and Ground-Water Flows in an Agricultural Watershed. PAWEES 2012 International Conference, 2012.11.27-2012.11.29, Nonthaburi, Thailand.

加藤久明, 濱崎宏則, 渡部慧子, 今川智絵, 中桐貴生 生活起点発想に基づく統合的水資源管理の再構築: インドネシア・バリ島ならびにスラウェシ島における当事者起点のフィールド研究. 政策情報学会第8回研究大会, 2012.12.01-2012.12.01, 千葉県市川市, 千葉商科大学. (in Japanese)

加藤久明, 今川智絵, 濱崎宏則, 渡部慧子 地域レベルの水資源管理と全球水循環モデルが持つ知見の融合が持つ政策的意義:バリ島北部を中心に. 第20回日本雨水資源化システム学会大会, 2012.11.03-2012.11.04, 沖縄県座間味村離島振興総合センター. (in Japanese)

今川智絵, 花崎直太, 加藤久明, 濱崎宏則, 渡部慧子, 半藤逸樹 水資源アセスメントのための全球水資源モデル予測に対する不確実性解析の試み. 第20回日本雨水資源化システム学会大会, 2012.11.03-2012.11.04, 沖縄県座間味村離島振興総合センター. (in Japanese)

【Poster Presentation】

Hironori Hamasaki, Hisaaki Kato, Chie Imagawa and Satoko Watanabe Rethinking integrated water resources management (IWRM): Need for reframing IWRM for futurability. 10th International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment in Hanoi, 2012.11.08-2012.11.10, Vietnam, Hanoi.