Staff Profile

NameTAKANO Takenaka Kohei
AffiliationResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
PositionProject Researcher
Year of Birth1977
Academic CareerBA, Fuculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (2001)
MA, Grad. Sch. of Environmental Earth Sci., Hokkaido University (2003)
PhD, Grad. Sch. of Environmental Earth Sci., Hokkaido University (2006)
Professional CareerPD, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University (Apr 2006-July 2009)
Assistant Professor, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University (Aug 2009-Mar 2010)
Academic affair staff, Grad. Sch. of Biomedical Sci., Nagasaki University (Apr 2010-Mar 2011)
Higher DegreesPh.D. (Hokkaido University, 2006)
Fields of SpecializationPlant and insect ecology
Ecological genetics
Molecular philogeny
Molecular evolution
Academic Society MembershipsEcological Society of Japan
The Society for the Study of Species Biology




TAKANO Takenaka Kohei 2012,09 Genetic Resources. Ray Anderson (ed.) Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability Volume 7. China, India, and East and Southeast Asia: Assessing Sustainability. Berkshire, Great Barrington, MA.

TAKANO Takenaka Kohei. 2012,03 Pollination mutualism between Araceae plants and Colocasiomyia flies. Kawakita A and Okuyama U (ed.) Biology of species interactions. Syuseibutugaku Kenkyu, 35. Bun-ishi Sogo Shuppan Co., pp.195-216. (in Japanese) (Refreed)


【Original Articles】

Takano KT, Repin R, Mohamed MB, Toda MJ. 2012,01 Pollination mutualism between Alocasia macrorrhizos (Araceae) and two taxonomically undescribed Colocasiomyia species (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in Sabah, Borneo. Plant Biology. DOI:10.1111/j.1438-8677.2011.00541.x (reviewed). Early View (Online Version of Record published before inclusion in an issue)

Takano KT, Awito Suwito, Gao J-J, Yin J-T. 2011,03 Molecular phylogeny of the cristata species group of the genus Colocasiomyia (Diptera: Drosophilidae). Low Temperature Science 69:19-28. (reviewed).

Takano KT, Nguyen NT, Nguyen BT, Sunahara T, Yasunami M, Nguyen MD, Takagi M. 2010 Partial mitochondrial DNA sequences suggest the existence of a cryptic species within the Leucosphyrus group of the genus Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae), forest malaria vectors, in northern Vietnam. Parasites & Vectors 3:41. DOI:10.1186/1756-3305-3-41 (reviewed).

Takenaka K, Yin J-T, Wen S-Y, Toda MJ. 2006 Pollination mutualism between a new species of the genus Colocasiomyia de Meijere (Diptera: Drosophilidae) and Steudnera colocasiifolia (Araceae) in Yunnan, China. Entomological Science 9:79-91. (reviewed).

Sultana F, Hu Y-G, Toda MJ, Takenaka K, Yafuso M. 2006 Phylogeny and classification of Colocasiomyia (Diptera, Drosophilidae), and its evolution of pollination mutualism with aroid plants. Systematic Entomology 31:684-702. (reviewed).

Kitamura K, Tachida H, Takenaka K, Furubayashi K, Kawano S. 2005 Demographic genetics of Siebold's beech (Fagaceae, Fagus crenata Blume) populations in the Tanzawa Mountains, central Honshu, Japan. II. Spatial differentiation and estimation of immigration rates using a stepping-stone structure. Plant Species Biology 20:133-144. (reviewed).

Takenaka K, Kitamura K, Furubayashi K, Kawano S. 2002 Demographic genetics of Siebold's beech (Fagus crenata) populations on the Tanzawa Mountains, Kanagawa, central Honshu, Japan. I. Genetic substructuring among plots and size classes. Journal of field science 1:31-54. (reviewed).

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

TAKANO Takenaka Kohei, ITIOKA Takao, NAKAGAWA Michiko, KISHIMOTO-YAMADA Keiko, YAMASHITA Satoshi, TANAKA O. Hiroshi, TOKUMOTO Yuji, FUKUDA Daisuke, KAMOI Tamaki, KATO Yumi, NAGAMASU Hidetoshi, ICHIKAWA Masahiro, MOMOSE Kuniyasu, NAKASHIZUKA Tohru and SAKAI Shoko. Land use change and loss of biodiversity in Malaysian Borneo. RIHN 7th International Symposium "Complexification and Simplification: Ecosystems, human health and lifestyle in Asia", 2012,10,24-2012,10,26, Kyoto. Session 1 Collapse and restoration of social-ecological networks

高野(竹中)宏平. タロイモショウジョウバエとサトイモ科植物の送粉共生. 北海道大学低温科学研究所共同研究集会:生物進化研究のモデル生物群としてのショウジョウバエ, September 2010, 札幌市. (in Japanese)

高野(竹中)宏平・片桐千仭・屋富祖昌子・戸田正憲. クワズイモ(サトイモ科)の中性花は送粉者への報酬器官であった:開花時には花蜜を分泌し開花後には腐って幼虫の餌となる. 日本生態学会第57回大会, March 2010, 東京. (in Japanese)

高野(竹中)宏平. サトイモ科植物とタロイモショウジョウバエの送粉共生:特にクワズイモが送粉者に提供する報酬(餌物質)について. 日本動物・植物・生態学会長崎県三学会合同例会, December 2009, 長崎市. (in Japanese)

高野(竹中)宏平・Nguyen T. H. N. ・NguyenT. H. B. ・Nguyen D. M.・高木正洋. ベトナム産ハマダラカ属Leucosphyrusグループの分子系統学的・生物地理学的整理.. 日本衛生動物学会第60回大会, April 2009, 高松市. (in Japanese)

戸田正憲・高野宏平・屋富祖昌子. 同じ寄主植物(クワズイモ)の花を利用するタロイモショウジョウバエ2種系と3種系の共存機構の比較. 日本昆虫学会第68回大会, September 2008, 高松市. (in Japanese)

Takano KT, Yin J-t, Yafuso M, Toda MJ. Pollination mutualisms between Colocasiomyia flies (Drosophilidae) and Araceae plants. Towards sustainable land-use in tropical Asia. The Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, April 2008, クチン市(マレーシア).

高野(竹中)宏平・Nguyen T. H. N. ・NguyenT. H. B. ・Nguyen D. M.・高木正洋. DNAシーケンスによるベトナム産ハマダラカLeucosphyrusグループ1新種の確認. 日本衛生動物学会第60回大会, April 2008, 下野市. (in Japanese)

Takenaka K(旧姓). Pollination mutualisms between Colocasiomyia flies (Diptera: Drosophilidae) and Araceae plants. 北海道大学21世紀COEプログラム・グローバルランドプロジェクト合同シンポジウム, February 2007, 札幌市.

北村系子・舘田英典・竹中宏平(旧姓)・古林賢恒・河野 昭一. 丹沢山地ブナ林における個体群統計遺伝学的解析. 空間構造と飛び石モデルによる移住率の推定. 日本森林学会第116回大会, March 2005, 札幌市. (in Japanese)

竹中宏平(旧姓)・戸田正憲. サトイモ科植物とタロイモショウジョウバエにおける送粉共生系の進化. 日本生態学会第51回大会, August 2004, 釧路市. (in Japanese)

竹中宏平(旧姓)・北村系子・古林賢恒・河野昭一. 神奈川県西丹沢、檜洞丸東沢尾根上および隣接するブナ地域集団の個体群統計遺伝学的解析. 日本植物学会第65回大会, September 2001, 東京. (in Japanese)

【Poster Presentation】

Takano, K. T., M. Nakagawa, K. Kishimoto-Yamada, S. Yamashita, H. O. Tanaka, Y. Tokumoto, T. Matsumoto, D. Fukuda, H. Nagamasu, M. Ichikawa, K. Momose, S. Sakai, T. Itioka and T. Nakashizuka Changes in land use, biodiversity, ecosystem services and local livelihoods in tropical forests of Malaysian Borneo. Planet under Pressure, 2012,03,25-2012,03,30, London, UK.

Takano, K. T., K. Kishimoto-Yamada and T. Itioka Diversity of beetles using wood-decay in different land uses in and around Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. The 5th EAFES (East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies) International Congress, 2012,03,17-2012,03,20, Ootsu, Japan.

Takano KT, Nguyen THN, Nguyen THB, Nguyen DM, Takagi M. Molecular evidence of a new species of the Dirus Complex of Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) from northern Vietnam. Asian Research Forum on Emerging and Reemerging Infections - 2008, December 2008, Sapporo, Japan.

Takano KT, Nguyen THN, Nguyen THB, Nguyen DM, Takagi M. Molecular and morphological evidence of a new species of the Leucosphyrus Group of Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) from northern Vietnam. Forum of the Network of Research Centers on Infectious Diseases, December 2008, Hanoi, Vietnam.

竹中宏平(旧姓)・殷建涛・戸田正憲. タロイモショウジョウバエとサトイモ科植物の送粉共生. 日本生態学会第54回大会, March 2007, 松山市. (in Japanese)

Takenaka K(旧姓), Toda MJ Pollination mutualism between Araceae plants and Colocasiomyia flies (Diptera: Drosophilidae). IXth International Aroid Symposium, November 2004, Kuching, Malaysia.

Takenaka K(旧姓), Tomimatsu H, Ohara M. Reproductive assurance, mode of self-pollination, and evolution of self-fertilization in Trillium camschatcense (Trilliaceae). International symposium on Diversity of reproductive systems in plants: ecology, evolution and conservatio, October 2003, Sapporo, Japan.

竹中宏平(旧姓)・富松裕・大原雅. オオバナノエンレイソウにおける交配様式の地理的分化と繁殖の保証・自殖率・近交弱勢の推定. 日本生態学会第50回大会, March 2003, つくば市. (in Japanese)

【Invited Lecture / Honorary Lecture / Panelist】

高野(竹中)宏平. 果実序内のファイトテルマータで繁殖する送粉共生者. 日本生態学会第57回大会, March 2010, 東京. (in Japanese)

高野(竹中)宏平. サトイモ科植物とタロイモショウジョウバエの送粉共生. 第39回種生物学シンポジウム, December 2007, 神戸市. (in Japanese)

竹中宏平(旧姓)・戸田正憲. タロイモショウジョウバエ属(双翅目:ショウジョウバエ科)の繁殖生態およびサトイモ科植物との送粉共生. 日本昆虫学会第66回大会, September 2006, 鹿児島市. (in Japanese)