Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

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AffiliationResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
PositionResearch fellow of RIHN Initiative for Chinese Environmental Issues
Arrival day 
Leaving the office day 
Year of Birth 
Academic CareerDepartment of education, Faculty of social studies,Tokyo Gakugei University, M.Course(2000)
Department of sociology, faculty of social sciences,Hitotsubashi University, D.Course(2007)
Professional CareerResearch fellow of JSPS(2007)
Project Researcher, RIHN (2010)
Research Fellow of NIHU Center for Area Studies(2012)
Higher DegreesD.Social Sciences(Hitotsubashi University,2007)
M.Arts(Tokyo Gakugei University,2000)
Fields of SpecializationHistory(Modern and Contemporary China)
Academic Society MembershipsThe Socio-Ecinomic History Society
The Historical Sciences Society of Japan
The Japan Association for Modern China Studies
Asian Society for Social History of Medicine




Yuki FUKUSHI 2010,12 Public Health and Modern Shanghai. Ochanoizu-shobo, Tokyo, 322pp. (in Japanese)


【Original Articles】

Yuki FUKUSHI 2010,12 Research Trend on Japanjese Disaster History and Disease History. ZHOU Qiong, GAO Jianguo (ed.) Disaster and Social Transformation in South-western China. Yunnan U.P, Kunming, China, (in Chinese)

Yuki FUKUSHI 2010,08 Cholera Prevention Activities in Wartime Shanghai. Xinzhong YU (ed.) Disease, Medicine and Hygine since Qing dynasty. Sanlian P.C., Beijing, (in Chinese)

Yuki FUKUSHI 2010,06 Cholera Prevention Movement in Wartime Shanghai. Ezra F. Vogel, Kenichiro HIRANO (ed.) Society and Culture in China during Sino-Japanese War. Keio U.P., Tokyo, (in Japanese)

Yuki FUKUSHI 2010,06 Public Health Movement from post war to early PRC. Research Association for History of Shanghai (ed.) Shanghai around founding of PRC. Kenbun P.C., Tokyo, (in Japanese)

Yuki FUKUSHI 2009,09 International Health Activity and its impact on Shanghai in 1920s. Socio-Economic History 75(3). (in Japanese)

Yuki FUKUSHI 2005,01 Reconstruction of Public Health Service in post-war Shanghai. Hitotsubashi Kenkyu 29(4). (in Japanese)

Yuki FUKUSHI 2004,10 Health Organisation of U.N. and public health service in Shanghai 1930s. Socio-Economic History 70(2). (in Japanese)

Yuki FUKUSHI 2003,06 Public Health and social control in wartime Shanghai. Gendai Chugoku 77. (in Japanese)

Yuki FUKUSHI 2001,12 Discourse on Sexual morals during May fourth new cultural movement. masses during period of transition to "modern" in East Asia 6. (in Japanese)

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

Yuki FUKUSHI Hygienic Behavior in Modern Shanghai. the 6th conference for the Asian Society for the History of Medicine, 2012.12.13-2012.12.15, Keio University, tokyo.

Yuki FUKUSHI Public Helath and Modern Urban Society :focusing on Shanghai Plague Riot(1910). International W.S. on Epidemics and Pandemics in Historical Perspective, 2011.10.28, dusserdolf, Germany.

Yuki FUKUSHI Control of Human Feces and Schistosomiasis Prevention in Yunnan, 1950s-60s. Internatonal W.S. on the History of Schistosomiasis in China, 2011.10.08, Shanghai, China.

Yuki FUKUSHI Shanghai Plague Riot(1910). Annual Conference of Political Economy and Economic History Society, 2011.06.25, Tokyo, Japan. (in Japanese)

Yuki FUKUSHI Measures against Schistosomiasis in Yunnan, 1950s-60s. International W.S. on Environmental Change and Modern Socisty in East Asia, 2011.01.21, RIHN, Kyoto, Japan.

Yuki FUKUSHI Research Trend of History of Disaster and Disease in Japan. the 7th International Conference on the Chinese Disaster History, 2010.08.21, Yunnan University, Kunming, China. (in Chinese)

Yuki FUKUSHI Shipping and Maritime Quarantine in Modern East Asia. International Conference on disease and public health in Asian Ports, 2010.06.25, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China.

Yuki FUKUSHI Quarantine Service in Modern China. The 6th International Convention for Asian Scholars, 2009.08.07, Daejeong Convention Center, Daejeong, South Korea.

Yuki FUKUSHI Revision of ISC and Development of Public Health in China. International Symposium on Medicine and Modernity in East Asia, 2007.08.17, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.