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NameTeruhiko TAKAHARA
AffiliationResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
PositionProject Researcher
Arrival day2009-10-01
Leaving the office day 
Year of Birth1976
Academic CareerDepartment of Mechanical and System Engineering, Kyoto Institute of Technology(1999)
Department of Applied Biology, Faculty of Fiber, Kyoto Institute of Technology(2002)
Division of Applied Biology, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology, M.Course(2004)
Division of Materials Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology, D. Course(2007)
Professional CareerProject Researcher, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature(2009)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University(2008)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Venture Laboratory, Kyoto Institute of Technology(2007)
JSPS Research Fellow (DC1), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(2004)
Technical assistance, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature(2003)
Higher DegreesD.Sc(Kyoto Institute of Technology)
M.Sc(Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Fields of SpecializationChemical Ecology
Behavioral Ecology
Academic Society MembershipsThe Ecological Society of Japan
The Herpetological Society of Japan
The Japanese Society of Applied Entomology and Zoology
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【Original Articles】

Takahara, T., Yamaoka, R. 2009,06 Temporal and spatial effects of predator chemical and visual cues for behavioral responses of Rana japonica tadpoles. Current Herpetology 28(1):19-25. DOI:10.3105/018.028.0103 (reviewed).

Takahara, T., Kohmatsu, Y., Maruyama, A., Yamaoka, R. 2008,12 Benefit of suites of defensive behavior induced by predator chemical cues on anuran tadpoles, Hyla japonica. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 63(2):235-240. DOI:10.1007/s00265-008-0654-9 (reviewed).

Takahara, T., Kohmatsu, Y., Yamaoka, R. 2008,07 Predator-avoidance behavior in anuran tadpoles: a new bioassay for characterization of water-soluble cues. Hydrobiologia 607(1):123-130. DOI:10.1007/s10750-008-9381-5 (reviewed).

Takahara, T., Miyasaka, H., Genkai-Kato, M., Kohmatsu, Y. 2008,06 Length−weight relationships in six amphibian species of Japan. Current Herpetology 27(1):43-45. DOI:10.3105/1345-5834(2008)27[43:LRISAS]2.0.CO;2 (reviewed).

Takahara, T., Kohmatsu, Y., Maruyama, A., Yamaoka, R. 2006,12 Specific behavioral responses of Hyla japonica tadpoles to chemical cues released by two predator species. Current Herpetology 25(2):65-70. DOI:10.3105/1345-5834(2006)25[65:SBROHJ]2.0.CO;2 (reviewed).

Takahara, T., Kohmatsu, Y., Maruyama, A., Yamaoka, R. 2003,11 Effects of fish chemical cues on tadpole survival. Ecological Research 18(6):793-796. DOI:10.1111/j.1440-1703.2003.00598.x (reviewed).

Ozaki, M., Takahara, T., Kawahara, Y., Wada-Katsumata, A., Seno, K., Amakawa, T., Yamaoka, R., Nakamura, T. 2003,05 Perception of noxious compounds by contact chemoreceptors of the blowfly, Phormia regina: putative role of an odorant-binding protein. Chemical Senses 28(4):349-359. (reviewed).

Ozaki, M., Takahara, T., Nakamura, K., Kakiuchi, M., Yamaoka, R. 2001,12 Effects of olfactory experiences on appetite in the blowfly, Phomia regina. Japanese Journal of Taste and Smell Research 8(3):323-324. (in Japanese) (reviewed).