Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Staff Profile

NameSohaila Javanmard
AffiliationResearch Department
PositionVisiting Researcher
Arrival day2008/7/2
Leaving the office day2009/3/30
Year of Birth1965
Academic CareerSharif University of Technology(1989)  
Atmospheric Science Kyushu University(1995)   
specializing in Agricultural Engineering, Division of Agriculture, Kyushu University(1999) 
Professional CareerWeater Forecasting Expert, National Weather Forecast Center, I.R.of Iran Meteorological Organization(1990)
Researcher of Physical Meteorological & Weather Modification Research Group, Atmospheric Science & Meteorological Research Center, I. R. of Iran Meteorological Organization(2001)
Higher DegreesB.Sc(Sharif University,1989)
M.Sc(Kyushu University,1995)
Ph.D(Kyushu University,1999)
Fields of SpecializationAgricultural Science


Research Presentations

【Poster Presentation】

Javanmard, S., A. Yagagai, M. I. Nodzu, H. Kawamoto, J. B. Jamali, K. Kamiguchi, O. Arakawa Improvement of daily gridded precipitation data using synoptic observation data over Iran. MSJ (Meteorological Society of Japan) Spring Meeting 2009, 2009.05.28-2009.05.31, Tsukuba. (in Japanese)

Javanmard, S., A. Yatagai, H. Kawamoto, M. I. Nodzu, J. B. Jamali Comparing high-resolution daily gridded Precipitation data with satellite rainfall estimates of TRMM_3B42 over Iran. EGU Genaral Assembly 2009, 2009.04.21-2009.04.26, Vienna.