Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Staff Profile

AffiliationResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
PositionProject Researcher
Arrival day2008-04-01
Leaving the office day 
Year of Birth 
Academic CareerReceived Bachelor of Agriculture from Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture, in March 2001
Received Master of Agriculture from Graduate School of Nagoya University in March 2003
Received Doctorate of Human and Environmental Studies from Graduate School of Kyoto University in May 2008
Professional CareerResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
Higher DegreesDr
Fields of SpecializationInsect Ecology, Community Ecology, Tropical Ecology



【Original Articles】

Kishimoto-Yamada, K., T. Itioka, S. Sakai, K. Momose, T. Nagamitsu, H. Kaliang, P. Meleng, L. Chong, A.A. Hamid Karim, S. Yamane, M. Kato, C.A.M. Reid, T. Nakashizuka and T. Inoue 2009 Population fluctuations of light-attracted chrysomelid beetles in relation to supra-annual environmental changes in a Bornean rainforest. Bulletin of Entomological Research 99:217-227. (reviewed).

Kishimoto-Yamada, K. and T. Itioka 2008 Survival of flower-visiting chrysomelids during non general-flowering periods in Bornean dipterocarp forests. Biotropica 40:600-605. (reviewed).

Kishimoto-Yamada, K. and T. Itioka 2008 Consequences of a severe drought associated with El Niño-Southern Oscillation on a light-attracted leaf-beetle (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) assemblage in Borneo. Journal of Tropical Ecology 24:229-233. (reviewed).

Kishimoto-Yamada, K., T. Itioka and S. Kawai 2005 Biological characterization of the obligate symbiosis between Acropyga sauteri Forel (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and Eumyrmococcus smithii Silvestri (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae: Rhizoecinae) on Okinawa Island, southern Japan. Journal of Natural History 39:3501-3524. (reviewed).

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

K. Kishimoto-Yamada Population fluctuation patterns of anthophilous insects in Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia, determined by light-trapping over 6 years. The Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation and Asia-Pacific Chapter, April 2008, Kuching, Malaysia.

【Poster Presentation】

Keiko Kishimoto-Yamada Plant phenology and insect population dynamics in Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak. First ASIAHORCs Joint Symposium “Asian Biodiversity: Characteristics, Conservation and Sustainable Use, 2009.07.18-2009.07.20, Nagoya Univ. Japan.