Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Staff Profile

PositionProject Researcher
Arrival day2008-04-01
Leaving the office day2009-03-31
Year of Birth1977
Academic CareerFaculty of Agriculture, Kochi University(2001)
Graduate School of Agriculture, Kochi University(2003)
Ph. D. in The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Ehime University, Japan(2006)
Professional CareerPostdoctoral fellow, Kyushu University(2007)
Postdoctoral fellow, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature(2008)
Higher DegreesDoctor of Agriculture
Fields of SpecializationAgricultural engineering, Groundwater Hydrology
Academic Society MembershipsJapanese Association Of Groundwater Hydrology
The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Japan Geoscience Union (JPGU)
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
AwardsThe prize of excellence lecture in young researchers, Japanese Association Of Groundwater Hydrology(2008)



【Original Articles】

Mamoru Katsuki, Jun Yasumoto, Yoshinari Hiroshiro & Kenji Jinno, 2008 Estimation of groundwater discharge to the sea using a distributed recharge model. From Headwaters to the Ocean -Hydrological Change and watershed management. Taylor & Francis Group, pp.625-630. (reviewed).

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

Jun Yasumoto Estimation of submarine groundwater discharge in coastal area of Choukai-Mountain using Radon. Fall meeting of Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology, November 2008, Kyushu, Japan. (in Japanese)

Jun Yasumoto Development of the groundwater flow model to estimate submarine groundwater discharge in Ariake Bay,,Japan. Geoscience Union Meeting 2009,, May 2008, Chiba, Japan. (in Japanese)

Jun Yasumoto Estimation of nutrient loads with submarine groundwater discharge to Aeiake Bay, Japan. Spring meeting of Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology, May 2008, Tokyo, Japan. (in Japanese)

【Poster Presentation】

Jun Yasumoto Evaluation of submarine groundwater discharge in coastal aquifers at Osaka Bay, Japan by numerical simulation. 2008 AGU Fall Meeting, December 2008, San Francisco,USA.

Jun Yasumoto idal effect on submarine groundwater discharge in coastal aquifers at Osaka Bay. IAH2008, October 2008, Toyama, Japan.

【Invited Lecture / Honorary Lecture / Panelist】

Jun Yasumoto Nutrient transport with submarine groundwater discharge. The Japanese Forest Society Workshop of Forest Hydlorogy, March 2009, Kyoto, Japan. (in Japanese)