Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Staff Profile

AffiliationResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
PositionVisiting Professor
Arrival day2008-04-01
Leaving the office day2011-03-31
Year of Birth1947


Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

Hiromasa Ozaki, Minoru Sakamoto, Mineo Imamura, Hiroyuki Matsuzaki, Toshio Nakamura, Koichi Kobayashi, Shigeru Itoh, Etsuko Niu, and Takumi Mitsutani  ”Radiocarbon dates of Japanese tree-rings for 1060BC-400AD”. 20th International Radiocarbon Conference Hawaii, 2009.05.31-2009.06.05, USA.

【Invited Lecture / Honorary Lecture / Panelist】

Takumi Mitsutani “Tree-ring dating: its precision and Applications in Japan”. , Papers presented at the International Symposium of Conservation Science for Cultural Heritage 2008, 2009.12.02, National Reseach Institute of Cultural Heritage.