Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Staff Profile

NameABE Ken-ichi
AffiliationResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature
Arrival day2008-04-01
Leaving the office day 
Year of Birth1958
Academic CareerDepartment of Tropical Agriculture, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, D. Course(1989)
Department of Agriculture Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University(1984)
Professional CareerProfessor, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature(2008)
Associate Professor, Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University(2006)
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Advanced Sciences, The Graduate University of Advanced Studies(2000)
Associate Professor, Japan Center for Area Studies, National Museum of Ethnology(1999)
Assistant Professor, Japan Center for Area Studies, National Museum of Ethnology(1996)
Assistant Professor, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University(1989)
Higher DegreesM. Agr. (Kyoto University, 1987)
Fields of SpecializationArea Study
Environmental Anthropology
Academic Society MembershipsThe Japan Society of Tropical Ecology
The International Society of Volunteer Studies in Japan
The Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies
The Society of the Biosophia Studies




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ABE Ken-ichi 2008,05 Alchemy and border of forest: Unnan and southeast Asian continent section mountain region(Mori no Renkinjutsu to Kokkyou: Unnan to Tounanajiatairikubusanchi) . Akimichi Tomoya・Ichikawa Masahiro (ed.) Witnessing Forest in Southeast Asia: A Report from Asian Tropical and Monsoon Forests(Tonan ajia no mori ni naniga okotteiruka). Jinbun shoin, Fushimiku, Kyoto, pp.153-176. (in Japanese)

ABE ken-ichi 2004 Bridging Knowledge and Commitment: The Case of Coffee Project in East Timor. Masako Ishii・Jacpueline A. Siapno (ed.) Between Knowledge and Commitment: Post-Conflict Peace-Building and Reconstruction in Regional Contexts. JCAS Symposium Series, 21. The Japan Center for Area Studies, National Museum of Ethnology, OSAKA, pp.261-270.


【Editing / Co-editing】

ABE Ken-ichi・James Nickum (ed.) 2009,03 Good Earths: Regional and Historical Insights into China's Environment . Kyoto University Press, sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 318pp.

ABE Ken-ichi・Wil de Jong・Deanna Donovan (ed.) 2007 Extreme Conflict and Tropical Forests. World Forests Volume V. Springer, 184pp.

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ABE Ken-ichi・Lye Tuck-Po・Wil de Jong (ed.) 2003 The Political Ecology of Tropical Forests in Southeast Asia. Kyoto University Press&Trans Pacific Press, KYOTO, 282pp.

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

ABE Ken-ichi What Should We Do? An Anthropologist in Tsunami Affected Areas, Tohoku, Northeast Japan. The 111th the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual meeting, 2012.11.15-2012.11.17, San Francisco, USA.

ABE Ken-ichi Dialogue for water: from local to international - Water and Culture: Creative mediation. The 6th World Water Forum, 2012.03.12-2012.03.17, Marseille, Flance.

ABE Ken-ichi Ideology over Ecology: anticipating ecological degradation in independent Kazakhstan. Chinese Southwestern Culture & Environmental Research Forum, 2009.03.26, China Three Gorges University , Yichang, Hubei province, P.R. China.

ABE Ken-ichi Calm before the storm: the legacy of ideology-driven agricultual development in kazakhstan. Reconceptualizing Cultural and Environmental Change in Central Asia: An Historical Perspective on the Future, 2009.02.01-2009.02.02, Lecture Hall, RIHN Kyoto.

ABE Ken-ichi Japanese Food Life: a convenience store. 3rd Symposium on Chinese Environmental Issues: International Symposium on Food and Environmental Problems, 2008.11.01, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences Nanjing, China.

ABE Ken-ichi A Tikopia in the Global Era: Using Mediation to Empower Coffee Growing Communities in East Timor. 3rd RIHN International Symposium: The Futurability of Islands: Beyond Endemism and Vulnerability, 2008.10.22-2008.10.23, Lecture Hall, RIHN Kyoto.

ABE Ken-ichi Towards Sustainable Land-use in Tropical Asia. Scientific Committee, 2008.04.23-2008.04.26, Hilton Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

ABE Ken-ichi Alchemy of Forest: The Impact of Commercialization on environment and local communities in Nu Jiang (Upper Salween) River. International Workshop Mainland Southeast Asia in Transition: Resource and Eco-history, 2005.06.17, Yunnan University, China.

【Poster Presentation】

ABE Ken-ichi・NILES Daniel Asia: Proving ground for global sustainability. Planet Under Pressure 2012, 2012.03.26-2012.03.29, London.

ABE Ken-ichi, NAITO Daisuke, and OKUDA Toshinori Comparative Study on ‘Forest’ Dependency and Forest Product Use among Malay and Orang Asli Communities in Peninsular Malaysia. International Symposium Eco-human Interacitons in Tropical Forests, The Japan Society of Tropical Forests, 2005.06.13-2005.06.14, Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall.

【Invited Lecture / Honorary Lecture / Panelist】

ABE Ken-ichi Fostering Socio-cultural Perspectives in Water Sciences and Management: Identifying Bridges and Barriers. The 5th World Water Forum ISTANBUL 2009, 2009.03.17-2009.03.22, .

ABE Ken-ichi Assessing 30 Years’ Reform and Opening-up in China . NIHU Network of Contemporary Chinese Studies 2nd Symposium, 2009.02.07-2009.02.08, Waseda University, Tokyo. (in Japanese)

ABE Ken-ichi From 里山・里海 to SATOYAMA/SATOUMI. 30th RIHN Public Seminar, 2009.01.23, Heart Pia Kyoto, Kamigyo-ku Kyoto. (in Japanese)

ABE Ken-ichi Beyond the "Green Revolutions": Exploring the Links between Food and Security. The Fourth Afrasian International Symposium: The Question of Poverty and Development in Conflict and Conflict Resolution, 2008.11.15-2008.11.16, Ryukoku University, Kyoto.

ABE Ken-ichi Connecting: Environmental preservation type coffee cultivation in East timor. 7th RIHN Forum: Global Environmental Problems: Our Responsibilities toward Unseen People and Unborn Generations, 2008.07.05, yoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto) , Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. (in Japanese)

ABE Ken-ichi Exploring Linkages between Cultural Diversity and Biodiversity: Safeguarding the Transmission of Local & Indigenous Knowledge of Nature. UNESCO/JCAS International Symposium and Experts Meeting, 2005.04.14-2005.04.15, Aichi Prefectural University.