Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Staff Profile

NameZHAO, Zhijun
PositionVisiting Research fellow
Arrival day2007-11-05
Leaving the office day2008-02-04
Year of Birth1956
Professional CareerProfessor,Institute of Archaeology,Chinese Acedemy of Social Sciences.(2005)
Associate Professor,Institute of Archaeology,Chinese Acedemy of Social Sciences.(1999)
Research Asistant,The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City,USA.(1998)
Postdoctoral Fellow,Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute,USA.(1996)
Research Fellow,Chinese Military Museum,Beijing,China.(1986)
Editor,Wenwu Press,Beijing,China.(1982)
Higher DegreesD.Anthropology (University of Missouri-Columbia, USA,1996)
M.Anthripology (University of Missouri-Columbia, USA,1992)
B.Archaeology (Peking University, China, 1982)
Academic Society MembershipsThe Society of East Asian Archaeology
The Society for Phytolith Research