Project NameCollaboration Division
Project LeaderISHII, Reiichiro


○Research Subject and Objectives

The Collaboration Division fosters research collaborations between RIHN and research institutions and organizations in Japan and abroad and also provides the organizational infrastructure for capacity building. It facilitates the conclusion of collaborative agreements with research institutions and local governments in Japan and abroad, the planning of collaborative research, and the development of proposals for new RIHN projects. While providing a forum for broad information exchange and discussion of research on global environmental problems, the Division also undertakes the development, maintenance and organization of advances personal, financial and institutional networks.


Based on the results of RIHN research projects, the Division further fosters active engagement with international research agenda setting and helps to enhance the presence of RIHN in the international research community.


Furthermore, in order to promote global environmental research and capacity building in Japan and the Asia region, together with the other Divisions it provides the necessary organizational and financial basis and supports the development and mobilization of capacity for inter- and trans-disciplinary research with researchers and societal stakeholders in Japan and Asia.

○Progress and Results in 2019

1. Information Collection: Organizing seminars and workshops (with participation of research institutions and governments from Japan and abroad)

Held RIHN Seminars No. 159 to 180.


2. Building Collaborations: Supporting the conclusion and renewal of MoUs and Comprehensive Agreements with research and government institutions in Japan and abroad and collaborations for university education.

The Division supported the conclusion and renewal of 30 MoUs and Comprehensive Agreements with research and government institutions in Japan and abroad. 


3. Management

◇Participation in meetings and committees

・Reports and information were collected at the EGU 2019  (7 April - 12 April in Vienna).

・Participated in GLP, the SCJ's Subcommittee , exchanged and collected information.

・Participated in the "Committee on Promotion and Collaboration of Future Earth" of the SCJ and collected information.

・AOGEO (Group on Earth Observations for Asia-Oceania)Reported and collected information at the 12th Symposium (2-11-4 November in Canberra).

4. Obtaining external funds (Organizing meetings/workshops and writing proposals)

◇NIHU project: New Development in Ecohealth Research in Asia (Director:Hein Mallee)

The Project organized lectures and presentations on multiple occasions including the 1st Asia Forum on Ecohealth Research(November 2018, Haikou, China)and conducted field studies on “Health in daily life and conception of health by the local people”(January 2019, Hainan, China). The Project also published the Special Issue about Ecohealth Research of the Japanese Journal of Health and Human Ecology (Vol. 85(2019)).  The Project disseminated research results and enhanced its network through those occasions.

◇SCJapan Master Plan 2020: "人類世(人新世)のダイナミクスと地球人間圏の未来可能性の追求 -Future Earth アジアの推進-" Hearing on Sept. 16, 2020
◇MEXST Roadmap 2020: Applied for the creation of the "大型プロジェクトの推進に関する基本構想-ロードマップ" from the Master Plan 2020 Hearing Target


5. Outreach:Organization of poster displays, presentations, lectures and seminars at academic meetings and publication of papers, books and pamphlets

◇JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2019(2019/5/26-5/30 Chiba)

Set up and maintained a booth for RIHN to present its research and results.

◇Lecture series for Doshisha University Science and Engineering Department(2019/5/24-7/5, Doshisha University)

Organized an 7-session lecture series on Environmental System to be conducted by RIHN early-career researchers for the freshmen of the Department of Science and Engineering of the Doshisha University.

○Project Members

ISHII Reiichiro ( Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,Associate Professors, Heads of Divisions )

JIANG, Hong-wei ( Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,Specially Appointed Assistant Professors,EcoHealth )

○Future Themes



Tetsuzo Yasunari, Hein Mallee, and Reiichiro Ishii 2018,10 Asia’s Sustainability Challenges and Future Earth. Tom Beer, Jianping Li, Keith Alverson (ed.) Global Change and Future Earth. Cambridge University Press, pp.388-397. DOI:10.1017/9781316761489


【Original Articles】

Hein Mallee・Kazuhiko Moji 2019,01 Health humanities. Japanese Journal of Health and Human Ecology 85(1):3-5. (reviewed).

Hein Mallee 2017,06 The Evolution of Health as an Ecological Concept. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 25:28-32. DOI:DOI:10.1016/j.cosust.2017.04.009 (reviewed).

Research Presentations

【Oral Presentation】

Hein Mallee Future Earth Regional Centre for Asia. Future Earth Governing Council Meeting, 2018.04.28, Uruguai, Montebideo .

Hein Mallee "From Ecosystem Health to Planetary Health — The Development of "Health" as an Ecological Concept". 3rd Faculty of Health Sciences International Conference, 2017.07.07, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido .

Yuko Onishi "Strategic Research Agenda for Future Earth in Japan: Collaborative priority setting with stakeholders of global environmental issues". JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017, 2017.05.20, Makuhari Messe, Chiba.

Hein Mallee “Regional Advisory Committee: Research Agenda or Strategic Directions for Future Earth in Asia?”. , 2016.11.07, RIHN. (in Japanese)

Hein Mallee “Future Earth and Human Health: Possible Contributions from Japan”. XXIst Conference of the Society for Human Ecology, 2016.04.15, Santa Ana, California.

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Hein Mallee "Regional Development of Future Earth in Asia". 16th Conference of the Science Council of Asia, 2016.05.30-2016.06.01, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

【Invited Lecture / Honorary Lecture / Panelist】

Hein Mallee "Discussion on Climate, Health and Environment." Moderator. The Belmont Forum Asia-Pacific Regional Information Day, 2017.10.28, Regent Hotel, Taipei.

Hein Mallee Panel Discussions II "Best practices, lessons learned, and challenges for conducting TD research in Asia-Pacific.". The Belmont Forum Asia-Pacific Regional Information Day, 2017.10.27, Regent Hotel, Taipei.